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After the silents

I am sorry I have been silent for the past two weeks. Things were slow and complicated here and I did not know how to get on the internet. I am now sitting in the school office and hope to be able to update all of you.

We had a very slow start but at the beginning. On week four things are starting to take shape. We are starting to put the steel frame up.

Today we received the last truck of supplies from Addis Ababa with all the boo

Ron left over a week ago and Jack left on Friday. There are four of us left to work along side the team here. I had hoped that we would have had a smoother start, because of all the delays and problems we have decided to extend the project for an extra five weeks. I still need to decide who will stay and then change our tickets. Pray that I will have wisdom as I work through these issues.

I hope to be able to update you more often from this point forward. Please continue to pray for us as we serve in Love here in Gambella.

I had hoped to send pictures but that the internet is to slow. I will try another day. Leah


2 thoughts on “After the silents

  1. I am praying 🙏 that you find a way to complete the work. I know your brother will be honored for all your work. God bless, Leah

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  2. Sounds exciting so far – anxiously waiting for the next update, understanding Gambella is not the most connected…


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